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Aora Metallic Hologram Silver 1 Gram


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Discover the enchanting world of holographic nail art with Aora Metallic Hologram Silver! This revolutionary product takes your nail designs to the next level with its radiant metallic effect, captivating under any light source. Watch as it transforms into a stunning holographic display when exposed to sunlight, adding a touch of magic to your nails. Easy to apply and cure in just 60 seconds, this 1-gram powder offers endless design possibilities, allowing you to create captivating holographic nails over any color base. Elevate your nail art with Aora Metallic Hologram Silver and shine like never before!

Product Features:

  • Radiant metallic look under any light source
  • Stunning holographic effect under sunlight
  • Easy application process
  • Compatible with various color bases
  • Quick 60-second curing time


Introducing the Aora Metallic Hologram Silver, the latest innovation in holographic nail effects. Elevate your nail game with this mesmerizing 1-gram jar of metallic hologram powder that will leave your nails dazzling under any light. The radiant metallic shine captivates under indoor lighting, while the stunning holographic effect comes alive and dances in the sunlight, creating a show-stopping look. Achieve flawless application with ease as this powder effortlessly glides over any color base, whether it’s transparent, light, or dark, for a customizable and striking result. With a quick curing time of just 60 seconds, you’ll have stunning holographic nails in no time. Upgrade your nail art collection with Aora’s Metallic Hologram Silver and let your nails sparkle like never before!


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