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CHERI 8 In 1 Pedicure Packets


Cheri 8-in-1 Pedicure Packets

  • Sugar Scrub Packet 0.8 fl oz
  • Mask Packet 0.8 fl oz
  • Massage Lotion 0.8 fl oz
  • Disposable Soak Tablets
  • Disposable Yellow Medium Grit Pumice Bar
  • Disposable 80/100 Orange Slim Buffer
  • Disposable 80/100 Zebra Mini Nail File
  • Disposable Mini Orange Wood Stick
Everything you need for a clean, sanitary, premium pedicure in one small package.
Enjoy 10 different flavors of our Massage Lotion, Mask, and Sugar Scrub that are Paraben free and include certified organic ingredients.

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Blueberry Cream, Earl Grey, Hawaiian Orchid, Honey Butter, Lavender, Matcha Green Tea, Orange Cream, Passion Fruit PineApple, Spearmint, Sweet Melon


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