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Chisel Acrylic & Dipping Powder Refill 12oz


Elevate your nail artistry with the Chisel Acrylic & Dipping Powder Refill 12oz. This refill size is a game-changer for nail professionals and enthusiasts. Experience the lightweight and flexible formula that delivers a natural look and feel. With its odor-free and air-dry properties, this low-maintenance powder offers chip resistance and water resistance. Fortified with Vitamin E and Calcium, it promotes healthier, stronger nails with long-lasting color and shine. The quick and comfortable application requires no primer, and the easy soak-off feature simplifies removal. Rest assured, this cruelty-free and environmentally friendly product is a must-have for stunning nails.

  • Refill size: 12oz
  • Lightweight and flexible formula
  • Odor-free and air-dry properties
  • Chip resistant and water resistant
  • Vitamin E and Calcium fortified for healthier nails
  • Natural look and feel
  • Long-lasting color and shine
  • Quick and comfortable application
  • No primer needed
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • Cruelty-free and environmentally friendly




Enhance your nail game with the Chisel Acrylic & Dipping Powder Refill 12oz. This refill size is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts who want to replenish their supplies. Experience the numerous benefits of this high-quality product, including its lightweight and flexible formula that provides a natural look and feel. With its odor-free and air-dry properties, you can enjoy a low-maintenance nail enhancement that is both chip and water-resistant. The powder is fortified with Vitamin E and Calcium, promoting healthier nails and a durable, long-lasting color and shine. Enjoy a quick and comfortable application process without the need for a primer. When it’s time to remove the nails, the easy soak-off method ensures hassle-free removal. Rest assured that this product is animal cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Follow the simple steps for application and create stunning nails that will impress.


  1. Sanitize both your and your client’s hands using a hand sanitizer.
  2. Push and cut cuticles, and have your client wash their hands without applying any oil. Buff all 10 fingers, ensuring to buff the sides and tips of the nails, and brush away the dust. Apply BONDING and remove excess moisture with a clean paper towel.
  3. Apply COLOR BASE to the full nail, avoiding contact with the client’s skin. Use the 3 stroke method for an even application. Dip the nail into NATURAL FOUNDATION. Repeat for all 10 fingers. Apply a second layer if the nail length is medium to long. Once the foundation is complete, apply ACTIVATOR to dry the powder. File and buff the nails smooth before proceeding.
  4. Apply a thin layer of COLOR BASE to the full nail. Dip the nail into the desired color, tapping the finger to remove any loose powder. Repeat for all 10 fingers. Dust off the hands. Apply another coat of COLOR BASE close to the cuticle and dip the finger into the desired color. Repeat for all 10 fingers.
  5. Dust the hands clean, including under the nails. Apply COLOR BASE and dip the nail into CRYSTAL CLEAR. Follow with ACTIVATOR to dry. Repeat for all 10 fingers.
  6. Shape the nails, then file and buff them smooth. Apply ACTIVATOR and allow the client to wash their hands without soap, ensuring they are completely dry.
  7. Apply a thin coat of GLOSSY TOP starting from the pinkie to the thumb on one hand, avoiding the cuticles. Wipe the brush on a clean paper towel after each finger. Apply another thin coat closer to the cuticle, from pinkie to thumb. Repeat on the other hand. Fan dry for 1 to 2 minutes.
  8. Apply VITAMIN OIL or any cuticle oil on the cuticles, gently running it into your client’s fingers and nails for added nourishment.

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American, Clear, Dark Pink, Dip White, Glitter 1, Light Pink, Natural, OM 15B, OM 18B, OM 73A, OM 8B, Solid 105, Solid 36, Solid 5, Solid 71, Super White, Solid 169, Solid 173


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