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NuGenesis 4oz Dipping Powder


Applying nail polish with brushes can be quite a hassle. Not only do you need to carefully paint the nails but also allow enough time for drying before proceeding with the manicure design. No more!  Nugenesis have created a special collection of dip powder colors that are easy to apply and are hassle free. These dip powders are made with high-quality ingredients so that you don’t damage natural nails or cuticles. These easy and quick steps will help you get the perfect dip nails anytime:

  • In order to apply the dip powder colors in the best manner, first, file your nail and push aside the cuticle.
  • Apply a base coat covering the entire nail surface.
  • After it has dried up, add another layer halfway to the arch of your nail.
  • Once done, dip your nails into the powder.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then carefully take the finger out.
  • Dust the excess powder and voila, your beautiful nails are done!

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Crystal Clear, French White, Pink I, Pink II, Pink III, Crystal Pink, Natural Base, American White, Neutral Lite, Natural Base


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