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CND Shellac Nail Color


Give your clients a superior service with the SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Color system. Featuring a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat – and the exclusive CND™ LED Lamp – the SHELLAC™ Brand system works together like no other to deliver two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage*.
*when used as directed


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After Hours, Arrowhead, Asphalt, Aura, Aurora, B-Day Candle, Baby Smile, Bare Chemise, Be Demure, Beach Escape, Beau, Beckoning Begonia, Bellini, Berry Boudoir, Black Cherry, Black Pool, Bloodline, Blue Eyeshadow, Blue Moon, Blush Teddy, Blushing Topaz, Boheme, Books & Beaujolais, Bordeaux Babe, Bouquet, Brazen, Brick Knit, Brimstone, Butterfly Queen, Cake Pop, Candied, Candlelight, Cap & Gown, Cashmere Wrap, Catch of the Day, Chance Taker, Chandelier, Charm, Cherry Apple, Cityscape, Clay Canyon, Clearly Pink, Company Red, Coquette, Cream Puff, Creekside, Crimson Sash, Cuppa Joe, Dark Dahlia, Dark Diamonds, Dark Lava, Decadence, Denim Patch, Devil Red, Drama Queen, Dreamcatcher, Ecstasy, Electric Orange, Element, Eternal Midnight, Exquisite, Fedora, Femme Fatale, Field Fox, First Love, Flowerbed Folly, Fragrant Freesia, Fuji Love, Gala Girl, Garnet Glamour, Glitter Sneakers, Gold VIP, Gotcha, Grace, Grapefruit Sparkle, Gypsy, High Waisted Jeans, Hollywood, Holographic, Hot Chilis, Hot or Knot, Hot Pop Pink, How Merlot, Hypnotic Dreams, Ice Bar, Ice Vapor, Iced Cappuccino, Indigo Frock, It's Now Oar Never, Jellied, Jelly Bracelet, Kiss From a Rose, Kiss of Fire, Kiss the Skipper, Lady Lilly, Lavender Lace, Liberte, Lilac Eclipse, Lilac Longing, Lobster Roll, Magenta Mischief, Magical Topiary, Mambo Beat, Married to the Mauve, Masquerade, Mauve Maverick, Mercurial, Midnight Swim, Mint Convertible, Moonlight & Roses, Mover & Shaker, Mystic Slate, Naked Naivete, Negligee, Nordic Lights, Nude Knickers, Offbeat, Oxblood, Pacific Rose, Patina Buckle, Peacock Plume, Phantom, Pink Bikini, Pink Leggings, Pink Pursuit, Plum Paisley, Pointe Blanc, Powder My Nose, Psychedelic, Radiant Chill, Rebellious Ruby, Red Baroness, Ripe Guava, Rock Royalty, Romantique, Rooftop Hop, Rose Brocade, Rose Bud, Rouge Rite, Rubble, Ruby Ritz, Rule Breaker, Safety Pin, Salmon Run, Sangria At Sunset, Sassy Sapphire, Satin Pajamas, Satin Slippers, Secret Diary, Self-Lover, Signature Lipstick, Silhouette, Silk Slip Dress, Silver / Chrome, Silver VIP, Smile Maker, Soft Peony, Soulmate, Sparks Fly, Spear, Spike, Statement Earrings, Strawberry Smoothie, Studio White, Sugarcane, Sultry Sunset, Sweet Cider, Taffy, Tango Passion, Tartan Punk, Temptation, Tinted Love, Tropix, TUTTI FRUTTI, Uncovered, Unearthed, Uninhibited, Unlocked, Unmasked, Untitled Bronze, Vagabond, Verbena Velvet, Vivant, Whisper, White Button Down, White Wedding, Wildfire, Winter Glow, Wisteria Haze, Wooded Bliss, Wrapped In Linen


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