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Manga Jet Head 3 Pins


Upgrade your spa pedicure setup with the Manga Jet Head 3 Pins – the ultimate wet-end replacement. This innovative spa pedicure part features advanced magnetic coupling technology, ensuring efficient water circulation without leaks. The absence of a shaft seal guarantees worry-free use, while easy cleaning and maintenance keep your setup running smoothly. Elevate your spa experience with reliable performance and hassle-free operation.

Key Features:

  • Advanced magnetic coupling technology for superior water circulation.
  • Leak-free design eliminates the need for a shaft seal.
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Upgrade your spa pedicure setup for worry-free and efficient operation.


Elevate your spa pedicure experience with the Manga Jet Head 3 Pins – the ultimate wet-end replacement solution. Designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability, this spa pedicure part is equipped with cutting-edge magnetic jet technology. Say goodbye to leaks and worries, as the innovative design eliminates the need for a shaft seal, ensuring a leak-free experience.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: The Manga Jet Head utilizes revolutionary magnetic coupling technology for efficient and powerful water circulation, enhancing the overall spa pedicure experience.
  • Leak-Free Design: With the absence of a shaft seal, you can enjoy a worry-free pedicure session without concerns about leakage, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Magnet Jet Head is designed for effortless cleaning and servicing, simplifying maintenance and keeping your spa pedicure setup in optimal condition.

Upgrade your spa with the Manga Jet Head 3 Pins, designed to transform your pedicure sessions into a seamless and reliable experience. The magnetic coupling technology ensures superior water circulation while the leak-free design and easy maintenance features make it a hassle-free addition to your spa equipment. Enjoy worry-free spa pedicures with the advanced Manga Jet Head.


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