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NuGenesis Essentials 2oz Refill


Using dip powders is super easy once you have all the required tools that will help you apply the powder and let them stay on for a long time. As having all the products necessary can be a costly affair and also a cumbersome task, we have gathered the entire kit of easy prep dip powder liquids required for the perfect manicure with dip powders.

  • Prep Liquid is for helping you to prepare the nails by smoothing the surfaces.
  • Base gel coat will protect your nails from damage.
  • Activator liquid will help the powder stick to the nail surfaces.
  • Finish gel needs to be applied once you have powder sticking to the entire nail.
  • Brush softener will help you to soften the brushes and make sure that all the coats are applied easily.

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Prep #1, Base #2, Activator #3, Finish Gel #4


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