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SNS Dipping Powder 16oz


SNS continues to lead the industry with the ultimate French dip manicure. When it comes to Pink & White, SNS offers the finest quality powders, the most naturally brilliant finish, and the strongest, longest-lasting nails. Other brands offer the same powder that is used in liquid acrylics, resulting in damage to the nail bed. The SNS dip system is the most natural with the least amount of chemicals, plus added nutrients to nourish the nail bed. A variety of French style manicures are possible, with a generous choice of light, dark and glitter pinks, three beautiful shades of white, and a whole range of natural finishes. And the best news is, every application of SNS Pink & White leaves the nail healthier than before!

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American White, Dark Pink, French White Plus, Natural Balance Out, Natural Fill, Natural Pink, Natural Set Plus, Natural Set Sheer, Sunscreen


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