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Towel Steamer 480S


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The Largest Capacity Towel Steamer Available from Dermalogic – 480 Towels

Looking for a commercial-grade towel steamer? This is the largest Dermalogic towel steamer which can steam and sterilize 480 towels at a time. Multiple shelves within the steaming chamber make it easy to stack the towels for steaming. This industrial sized towel steamer comes in an attractive and easy-to-clean stainless-steel finish.

Vertical build ensures that the hot towel steamer takes very little of precious floor space in your spa or salon. The walls of the towel steamer are properly insulated to save energy and keep the exterior walls cool to the touch even when the steamer is on to ensure safety at all times.

The Dermalogic 480 towel steamer warmer comes with all the standard features a professional salon will want.

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